painter linda S. gunn


Where have I been lately?

I've been forced to spend time outside my studio after having been surgically transformed into a “bionic artist”, resulting in the need to just rest while I adjust to my new, semi-mechanical, physical form.

While still a far cry from Transformerhood, I am, nevertheless, partly metal now with three titanium “boxes”, heaped atop one another, (my new vertebrae) and a set of hefty screws to keep them there. Another two of my rogue spinal links, just about shot anyway, have been rebuilt and are currently held together with who knows what for construction material (Gorilla Glue?).

Anyway, the upshot was a four month hiatus from creating any artwork or, for that matter, the painful experience of even visiting my studio where desires arise.

Recently back to the easel, albeit still stiff with all the hardware still settling into position, I am feeling better with every passing day (physically and psychologically) and producing work at last.

Now that my strength is returning I’ve been venturing out on Saturdays to take part in a portrait painting workshop at a local park. Drawing and painting from life is a skill I developed in my teens and continue to enjoy. I’m looking forward to a healthy Spring of 2020 when I can once again team up with the Laguna Plein Air Painters of America, LAPA. I will be drawing and painting life on the outdoor stage. For now I’m satisfied to paint from reference material in my studio.

I hope you will stop by this gallery every so often. Send me a quick note if you would. Feedback is welcome.

self portrait
15 x 11

life after radical surgery on my fractured vertebrae

two paintings: empty bed / the chair
11 x 15

each 11 x 15 my hospital bed was located in the family room for three months. sweetpea, my parrot was happy that i stayed next to her for so long. my view from my hospital bed. looking through the glass is one of our yard squirrels hoping for a handful of peanuts.

fairytale sisters
30 x 22

this painting was referenced from an old family photo of myself and my sisters. redressed as the main characters for my book, fairytales can come true, a trilogy.

violet voclair picolet
14 x 20
oil on linen

for the 2019 picolet family reunion in wamego, ks

night flight
16 x 20
oil on linen

an illustration of people enjoying themselves while swinging through the air at california adventure, disneyland.

divers cove
9 x 12
oil on canvas

referenced from a plein air painting at newport beach, ca

14 x 11
oil on board

melanie, named after the melanie from the movie gone with the wind for her kind disposition

14 x 11
oil on board

my sister’s late dog

out of bed
22 x 30

after cervical surgery, my hospital bed was placed in the family room so that i could be part of daily activities.

11 x 15

my granddaughter's best friend

santa jim
14 x 11
oil on board